Sunday, February 21, 2010

First post and the ULTIMATE Throwdown

Hi everybody! I'm so excited to be writing my first post in my brand new blog. It's about time I jumped on the blog bandwagon, still being a journalism major and all. First I just want to establish what I hope this blog will accomplish. This is for me to be able to still maintain some element of the creative writing that I love so much and have felt that I'm getting further and further away from. But it's also for you all (whoever you might be) to appreciate, relate, and salivate over what I'm doing and making. As a college student, one might think that I don't have all of the elements, tools, or funds available to me to really create something delicious-but I make sure I'm not stifled in my baking or cooking. I usually make something at least once a week ranging from creme brulee, cheesecakes, grilled salmon, and (my favorite) cookies.

This weekend, after a a particularly busy and stressful week, my boyfriend offered to bake me cookies. Being the domestic one in our relationship, I undermined him and instead of taking him to heart I laughed. After insisting he was going to blow me away with his cookies I ended up challenging him to a chocolate chip cookie Throwdown ala Bobby Flay. Prize: Loser buys winner dinner at the gourmet grilled cheese restaurant we've been dying to try.

I knew I wanted to incorporate toffee and walnuts (i had a few extra from a carrot cake I made two weeks prior) into the cookies, but having never found the perfect cookie recipe I searched and studied numerous recipes before finding my inspiration. Via foodgawker I stumbled upon this creation from the blog Lovin From The Oven. Using her idea, I changed up a few elements of the recipe and ended up baking what, for me, is the absolute perfect chocolate chip cookie. They were ridiculously soft, chewy, and melt in your mouth chocolatey-I'm actually salivating right now.

Saturday, February 20th, 7:45 pm: Throwdown time.
Louis pitted his peanut butter Mr. Goodbar cookies up against mine, and after trying one of his I was nervous. My roommate Jordan made sure to label the cookies A and B so not even Louis and I knew which was which and our three judges Paul, Elliot, and Adam went to work. 3 of each type of cookie (that's 6 for each judge, but they're boys so I guess it's ok...) later and an agonizing analysis of both A and B the verdict was in. 2 votes for B and 1 for A. So just whose cookie was B? My deliciously soft, chewy, buttery, and chocolatey piece of heaven of course! After being stuffed full of cookies dinner was a non-issue, and instead we stayed in with all of the other boys and Jordan and watched Role Models instead.
The winning cookies!


  1. deb, great first post!
    dave and I think you are a good writer! I cant wait to try your cookies!

  2. so excited to read more from you.



    ~the confectionist